Since our inception, Quintana has been focused on building a superior search practice.

Quintana is leading firm in the compliance, risk management and forensic advisory area. Our organization has formed various specialized divisions for different types of assignments, including corporate and private investigations.

We operate as professional full-service compliance risk management and forensic advisory firm with a purpose to cater to the needs of financial entities, corporate clients, insurance companies, government agencies, attorneys and private individuals.


The management and staff, from inception, developed methods and standards surpassing the standard norms in the compliance and investigative industry.

Our compliance and forensic officers have been selected on their extensive expertise with most of our team having formal backgrounds in private and corporate investigations.

We are proud to present our company that is represented by specialists with more than 25 years of experience gained in different countries throughout the world. Our main mission is to bolster legal and compliance readiness, ensure business continuation, and help protect data, assets and reputation of our clients.


"We never fail to achieve the highest

possible results due to our bespoke

in house methodology"

                                    Head of Risk

Matt Ellington


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